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Preschools are essential in establishing a foundation of learning for thousands of children. We believe that technology and micromanagement play a critical role in the operation of preschools. At eKids, our unique method combines traditional values and social structure with modern schooling. eKids Preschool ensures that each kid has the best possible opportunities and atmosphere to help them reach their full potential.



AGE: 2 to 3 Years

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AGE: 3 to 4 Years

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Junior KG

AGE: 4 to 5 Years

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Senior KG

AGE: 5 to 6 Years

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eKids is India's first fully IT-enabled preschool franchise business, offering services to both students and franchise owners. Our mission is to provide Preschool education to every child in India, including those in remote regions. eKids has developed a collection of products and training programs focused on a "Skills for Life" concept in which children utilize an inquisitive mindset to identify opportunities and problems, which can then be reflected in a Project-Based Education model. We have succeeded in creating an environment in which the Administration, Faculty, Students, and Parents all collaborate toward the same goal of the holistic development of the child.


WHY eKids ?

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US-based Curriculum

The curriculum of eKids Preschool is based on the US Concept Preschool Curriculum & sets the standards for learning and development, and focuses on children from birth until the age of 6 years old.

Observations are that children develop early, and how and what they learn during the first five years of their lives can have a significant impact on the rest of their lives.

  • A focus on every child as a creative individual

  • Applying the most effective practical learning methods

  • Innovative Teaching Methods

  • Child care & happiness are the focus

  • Montessori Methodology in Practice

School Mobile App

The days of hardly knowing what our children's teachers are doing in school are over. After incorporating clear and timely communication between eKids teachers and parents, this is not the case any longer. The educational process becomes more effective, efficient, and cohesive when eKids is involved.

With its improved school-to-parent communication, the eKids Mobile App for schools offers both parents and schools a number of benefits.

  • Keeps parents informed of school activities

  • Informs them about the school's upcoming events

  • Notifies parents about their Child’s growth

  • Monitors attendance and notifications

  • Maintains healthy relationships with parents

Educational Tablet

Tablet devices are taking over traditional schools whether you like it or not. Put away the backpack stuffed with books. Our era is one of digital training and tablets.

By using the real-time delivery feature, the instructor is able to quickly provide engaging materials to the students with just a couple of taps!

  • A much better alternative to textbooks

  • Quicker visualisation and reporting

  • Increasing computer proficiency. Increasing creativity

  • Personalization of Educational Content

  • Technology has given teachers more power.

Digital Learning

Set of Educative Animated Content to Excite Children's Interest while also allowing them to learn Alphabetic and Numeric Content.

Compilation of Rhymes and Stories are included based on the US Concept Curriculum.

  • Digital learning satisfies a child's curiosity

  • Children Gain Emotional and Social Skills
  • Has a major influence on children's personality

  • In practice, the child is more enthusiastic about learning

  • Kids learn topics more quickly with deeper knowledge